What is C2B VIEWER and access

What is C2B Viewer?

C2B Viewer is a 3D visualization software that allows users to manage as well as visualize 3D and 2D models from any location and device with wifi connection.

How can I access the C2B Viewer?

It is available online, and can be accessed via a web browser on any device. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC through the Log-in page. You can also enter through the Web by clicking «Start now» on the main menu.

How do I start to use C2B Viewer?

Register on the C2B Viewer website by filling in your details and start viewing your projects free of charge.

Do I need to download any software to use it?

No, C2B Viewer is a cloud-based software that can be accessed directly from a browser with an internet connection, without the need to download any separate software or installation process.

Does C2B Viewer offer any training on how to use it?

C2B Viewer has a very intuitive interface with the aim of making the user experience as easy as possible. In addition, it offers an area where the user can find video tutorials to perform any function.

I didn't receive the email

Emails are automatically sent to the email address provided in your order. Please check your spam folder.

How can I learn what's new about our latest release?

How can I learn what’s new about our latest release?

To find out about new products, you only need to be registered for the newsletter, the launches are communicated via email. In these emails the new products are described in a simplified form, with their respective explanation of use, exemplified and with images.


Is C2B Viewer free?

Currently, anyone can register for free to view, manage and share files, and subscription plans are also available for users who need more storage capacity.

What does the free version of C2B Viewer offer?

What does the free version of C2B Viewer offer?


  • Upload and visualization in seconds of BIM, point cloud or CAD models.
  • Easier measurements (distance, volume, angles).
  • Convert 3D models into 2D drawings automatically.
  • Multi-device use (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Online project storage, up to 5 files or 20 GB maximum.
  • Unlimited time.
  • Orbital and first person view.
  • Analysis gradients.
  • Collaborative comments and measurements.
Do I need to register to view a file that was shared?

Do I need to register to view a file that was shared?

Yes, you do. Create an account with a valid email address and password. Then you can access the  viewer and use the free version from any device with internet conection.

How much does C2B Viewer cost?

C2B Viewer offers a free and a premium version. The premium version costs 49.90 euros/$49.90 per month, without permanence. With the premium version you will be able to exploit the full potential of C2B Viewer.


What formats does C2B Viewer support?

C2B Viewer supports a variety of 3D model formats such as IFC, point clouds such as PLY, E57, XYZ and 2D files such as DWG and DXF drawings.

Is there an upload limit per file...
Is there an upload limit per file and in the point cloud?

Yes, there is a file upload limit for your free version. It is only possible to upload a total of 10 GB, 3 files and a maximum of 2 shared files. This limit is not recoverable. However, in the paid option there are no file capacity limits and you have the ability to share files without limits.

How can I share 3D models with other users?

How can I share 3D models with other users?

3D models can be shared via shared links and embed codes when clicking on the file options (…), taking into account that you must be registered in advance.

How can I convert a BIM file to CAD Drawing?

How can I convert a BIM file to CAD Drawing?

With C2B Viewer you can convert the file to CAD Drawing automatically. Once the file is uploaded, you open it from the viewer. On the right hand side, click on the View tab. Then click on 2D View and it is automatically created.

Can I open from mobile?

Can I open point clouds from mobile devices? Does C2B Viewer support structured, unified, and unstructured point clouds?

Yes, point clouds can be opened from mobile devices with an internet connection. The viewer supports all these types of point clouds.

Which properties of the BIM models can I view?

Which properties of the BIM models can I view?

It is possible to view the properties of the IFC elements by simply double clicking on the element to be reviewed, a new information panel opens in a few seconds. There you can see the Item properties for all the files, and you can also see Propierty Sets and Quantity Sets, as each element has its own.

Support and security

What kind of support does C2B Viewer offer?

C2B Viewer offers online support in order to make it as fast and effective as possible.

How long does it take for support to respond?

We try to respond as quickly as possible. Normally, replies within 24 hours (working hours).

What kind of security offers

Security and integrity is checked during the entire viewer flow and during the storage of the files. These files are encrypted when they are stored in case the integrity of the security can be compromised.

Security for personal data

Sensitive data is stored in encrypted form, so that in the event of a vulnerability the integrity and privacy of the data is not compromised. Access to this data is protected throughout the entire process. In addition, various tests are carried out to check the security of other users’ information both in their own flows and in a premeditated way using attacks on our system.


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